Laufenberg Lawn Care, LLC.

Spring Time

Leaf clean-up and dethatching should be your main concern. A heavy thatch build-up stops your lawn from receiving nutrients at the root zone. Aeration can also help loosen soil to allow more air flow to the roots.

Summer Time

Residential Lawncare
We will provide you with a complete mowing program at a reasonble price. We take pride in our work. Your drives and sidewalks will be edged every time we mow. All paved areas will be blown off neat and clean.

Fall Time

Leave clean-up
We can offer you a full-service leaf clean-up. No need to worry about those leaves. Fall is also a good time for aeration. This allows your soil to breath and loosen up compaction.

Winter Time

Snow removal We can provide you with a full-service snow removal program. We will clean your sidewalks and driveways and salt as needed so you don't have to worry when winter comes around.